The Celtics Cut The Cavs

Image Courtesy of Mike Petraglia

The Celtics shocked the world last night and stole a game in Cleveland without Isaiah Thomas.

This win in a way was like Rocky Balboa knocking out Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Nobody was on his side as he faced the unbeatable Russian. He was getting knocked around early and then he cuts the Russian and the crowd takes notice and begins to shift into his corner.

The Cavs are the Russian and the Celtics are Rocky. The Celtics cut the Cavs last night and people are starting to transition into the Celtic’s corner.

A win Tuesday night? Everyone will be in the Celtic’s corner.

This was unreal. The way that shot went in was perfect. The ball took its time and boiunced around a little but just to troll the Cavs and their fans. It was dead silent after that shot went in and I loved every second of it. If you watched that entire game start to finish I applaud you. I’ve never been one to give up early. I’m usually sticking it out until the end with some hope, but after the half I didn’t even turn the game back on. The game was headed down a game 2-like path and I couldn’t do it anymore. But, the Celtics went out and shocked the world in the second half. The Cavs are a great team, there is no doubting that, but they are not so good that they literally don’t miss three’s. In the first half, even the first two games, every shot the Cavs put up went in. Kevin Love was out of his mind. The Cavs looked like the greatest team of all time for a while, especially in the first quarter. But, there was no way the Cavs were that good and the Celtics were that bad. Something had to give. Charles Barkley hit the nail on the head. When a team has a star player, they tend to stand around and watch that player go to work. The Celtics fell into that with IT,  but with IT out, guys had to step up. They did and the ball movement was awesome and the Celtics played Celtics basketball again.

After falling into a 23 point deficit, the Celtics decided to say “screw it” and began to simply play Celtics basketball. After the game Jonas Jerebko said that the C’s gave the Cavs too much respect in games 1 and 2 and he is completely right. The Celtics looked scared of the Cavs. Last night, I saw the team that beat the Wizards in 7 games. They weren’t scared, they were confident and they wanted to be physical and that is what makes this team so good. Jerebko really set the tone coming off the bench talking trash to everyone and it’s really what got this team going.

This play might not look that important, but it is. This was the point when the Celtics said were sick of this and became the Celtics again.

How about Marcus Smart last night? Marcus came up HUGE last night and went 7-10 from deep and dropped in 27 points! Just a performance nobody saw coming, except for Marcus.

With IT out somebody had to step up and IT gave his powers to Marcus. Marcus was definitely letting it flow and his shots were falling all over the court. It was so nice to see us get some of those shots to go instead of the Cavs hitting all the contested 3’s. Speaking of 3’s, the Celtics actually made more 3’s than the Cavs. The Celtics were 18-40 from deep while the Cavs were 16-39. Who saw that coming? Especially after Kevin Love was on pace to make 20 three’s by himself after the first quarter. This whole series including in the first half of this game, the Celtics couldn’t knock down any wide open shots. They finally did in the second half last night and it comes down to their mentality. The Celtics were confident in the second half they weren’t scared anymore. I can’t write this without mentioning the free throws again. The Cans shot 36 free throws and the Celtics shot 9. THAT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE! Even out the free throws and the Celtics win by double digits. Here are some post game interviews:

The boys are back! This Celtics team is confident again and are back to playing Celtics basketball. I love amped up Al Horford. This team is fired up and are not scared of the Cavs anymore. Boston is used to making huge comebacks and this series might be one of those comebacks. Maybe this series is like the Bulls series and we take both games in Cleveland and shock everyone


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