It’s Time For The Red Sox To Retire #WinDanceRepeat

I can’t begin to tell you how sick I am of Win Dance Repeat. First of all, the Red Sox are not winning enough for repeat to even be in that whole thing. Secondly, Win Dance Repeat was how the high school kids say, so last year.

Last year, I was actually a big fan of Win Dance Repeat. Last year it was new and exciting. Every team needs that something that is theirs. Whether it’s elaborate hand shakes or weird dances in the outfield. The 2013 World Champion Red Sox had the whole beard thing and they literally tugged on guy’s beards when they went deep.

The thing about teams and their “things” is that they can’t last more than a season. The whole fear the beard thing ended after the Sox won the World Series. Most of the guys actually shaved their beards for charity. Some guys like Napoli (who to this day still has his beard) came back the next season still with a full beard, but the beard names and celebrations were over. The beards were left in 2013 for the most part.

Thats the difference and the reason I’m done with Win Dance Repeat. Why are we doing this for the second straight season? My theory is that it came from higher ups to keep it going. The Red Sox market the crap out of Win Dance Repeat. They always make sure they show it on TV and tweet out videos of it. They even have Snapchat filters for it. I get it, fans loved it last year, they ate it up, couldn’t;t get enough of it. This is just a new year and we need something else. At least last season when the outfield got together to do it they changed it up every single night. One night might be Mookie busting a move, the next night might see Benintendi. It was always different.

This season it’s the same thing every single night.

As I write this, I actually can’t believe it bothers me as much as it does. I think it’s because the Red Sox stink right now. Last year they were the best team in baseball for a long time and when you win games you can do whatever you want. However, this team is not the best is barely hovering over .500. Do something different for me one time.

As PR as this video is, maybe this team should take a page out of the book from last year’s team and get to brainstorming some new ideas. Maybe some Gronk spikes of the gloves or a game of tag or duck duck goose. I really don’t care, just get #WinDanceRepeat out of my face. Or at least win some games for me and stop being mediocre. In all honesty I prefer both, but if you give me one, I’ll shut up.


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