A Love Letter To The Sox

Shut People Up

Disagree with me all you want, hell I know the other BSR writers disagree with me, but John Farrell should not be on the hot seat. Unless you’re a privileged spoiled brat, I hate you if you are,  I’m sure you were told to be responsible for your actions as you were growing up and that’s all that this trickles down to. Just play the friggen game as hard as you can at the best of your abilities. We have seen that as of the past 2 games. It’s not John Farrell’s fault if his pitchers don’t execute their pitches or if the 3rd baseman makes an error. I’m sure these guys don’t try to be mediocre, so all I’m saying is; just let the guys play the friggen game. Don’t jump down their throat. Let the boys be boys. I understand that’s how Tony Massarotti and the rest of the Boston media makes their living by scrutinizing every bit and piece, tooth and nail and love to see the Sox do something stupid just for a story. Well, know what makes a better story? The movie Major League when they have an owner that wants them to lose except this time it’s the media. They should make cardboard cuts and pinatas of the media and whack at them and play darts on them. There seems to be too much stress surrounding a children’s game. Just go out there with a chip on your shoulder and shut these ass clowns. Have fun doing it. Christ, I would give my left nut just to put a uni on and hang with the boys of summer in the dugout, talk baseball, and maybe throw some signs down to the guys. Everyone take a step back and relax and say screw you to the trolls looking for a story.


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