To The Boston Celtics: Thank You

Image Courtesy of Mike Petraglia

An incredible season has come to an end and it was the most memorable season since the Big 3 era. This team fought through adversity and everything they did was for the fans. This team accomplished so much and yet, the future is so much brighter.

The Cavs finally ended the Celtics season, albeit a game later than expected, and the Celtics now have to move on to getting ready for next season. Luckily for us, this team has maybe the brightest future in the NBA. A number one draft pick, max cap space and an boatload of assets that Danny Ainge can do whatever he wants with.

A Group Of Overachievers

The thing that was so great about this team was how big of overachievers they were.

They certainly had higher expectations than last year, but no one expected them to finish the season with the number one seed. In addition, we saw a historic season from Isaiah Thomas and we saw countless players develop into great players and teamates. Who saw the little guy becoming a MVP canidate? Who saw Avery Bradley turning into the two-way stud that he did? Who thought Jae Crowder was going to have a career year from behind the arc? Who thought Jaylen Brown was going to show so much potential in his rookie season? Some people saw some of those things coming, some saw none of it coming. This team constantly suprised us.

The Ups And Downs

One night this team would beat the Warriors and make jump around your living room at the thought of us becoming a legit contender only to be brought back down to Earth when they would go out, lay an egg and lose to the Suns. This team could make you feel like a little kid on Christmas or make you want to put your head through the TV because of how bad they looked. That was the beauty of this team though, it was always a battle. A young team on the verge of something special. It never goes the way you think.

Before the season a lot of people were aiming for this team to just get to the second round of the playoffs and some had them reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. I said all year that I thought this was a disappointment of a season if they didn’t get to the Eastern Conference Finals. I knew that wouldn’t be easy and maybe even a little unrealistic, but I knew this team had it in them and they got there…with home court advantage.

Brad Stevens: The New Truth

People were calling for Brad Stevens head when this team was down 2-0 to the Bulls. No one was calling for his head after he won game three against the Cavs with his out of bounds plays. We have a coach who could very well become the best coach in the league in a few years. He has the respect of his own players as well as from players around the league. Players respond to him. He did more with less talent than any other coach in this league could have done and he’s not satisfied yet.

I love this man and I wouldn’t want anyone else coaching this team.


I think as fans we have to be satisfied to be able to even get to this point. To be honest, I thought the Wizards were a better team than we were, but we wanted it more and we got it. It speaks to the heart of this team. A team that lost its star player then came out and did something no one else had done in these playoffs and beat the Cavs. This team has so much heart and you can’t teach that. This team doesn’t care what they accomplished, they are more motivated than ever.

This team is not satisfied and I love to see it. I don’t know who will be back and who won’t, but this team is going to be a force next year no matter what.

What’s Next?

This team has so many options as far as what direction to go. Right now, I saw draft Fultz, sign Gordon Hayward and then maybe trade guys like Crowder and Johnson with a pick for another good big man. The Celtics could even take their chances and sign Chris Bosh. It could be a high risk, high reward situation, but it could be worth it. At that point you can make a package and trade for whatever you want. In my opinion, we have to sign Hayward and we have to get another big man to help out Horford. The beauty of this all is that Danny Ainge can go so many different ways and any way he goes is most likely going to make us better.

The future us bright in Boston!



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